A Room of One's Own

Digital Archive of Narratives under the Lockdown

To co-create a database of 3D capsules that record the individual, personal narratives under the grander, collective, political, and national narratives.

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Project Description

Over the past three years, the pandemic has transformed our lives in irreversible ways. Amid one and another lockdowns, I started to contemplate on the living spaces that sustain our spirit, emotions, memories, and physical bodies but at the same time confine us and become our “personal prisons”.


As my friend reflected upon his individual and collective experience under the lockdown, “When I stare outside my window, every other window in the apartment complex looks like a pair of anguished eyes......”

I’m looking to collect individual narratives in the form of a 3D scanning of the room you live in and one or a series of recorded audio clips in which you can reflect freely on your experiences during the lockdown. The 3D capsules containing individual narratives will become a part of our visual database that documents on the effect of Covid and lockdowns on individual lives.