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局 cage

NYU Shanghai X Guangzhou Academy of fine arts

Singularity is the point where the effect of consumerism, manifested through artificial landscape and objects, change the natural landscape inevitably and irreversibly. Beyond the point of singularity, humans become a part of the artificial landscape and the scenics that is being watched.

Topic: Artificial and Natural

Team Members:

Xiaoxuan Jiang,

Chen Yi,

Feng Xiaodan,

Zhang Qianyuan


Project Description

The work is constructed by a mixture of artificial landscapes and pseudo natural landscapes.

At the center of the pseudo natural landscape, there is a revolving door that activates itself and plays consumeristic videos when a person enters. After entering, the person will be pushed by the revolving doors to move and consume media passively, echoing the ways bombastic messages of consumerism manipulate consumers and transform them into a part of its artificial landscape.


When the person chooses to exit the revolving door and return into the natural environment outside, the person will soon discover that the edges of the “natural landscape” ends at the edges of four glass wall. And the natural soundscape is in fact generated by four giant speakers attached to the four edges of the glass cage.

Maybe there’s another pair of eyes watching the person being trapped in this pseudo natural landscape within the glass cage, like how the person watches others being trapped in the revolving door. And in a world after singularity, the freedom of choice is merely an illusion.


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